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What is a North Star and why is it important to have your own?

The position of Polaris (North Star) in the northern sky has made it useful for navigation throughout history. It is the brightest star in this constellation and is readily visible to the naked eye at night. My North Star Blueprint™ serves a similar purpose – to help you navigate life with clarity and purpose.

I designed the North Star Blueprint™ out of necessity because I didn’t care for the direction of my life at the time. I needed more guidance, accountability, and discipline. 

A High-Level View of My North Star – Foundation Pillars


The Why: I can’t share the best version of myself without proper nutrition and exercise.


The Why: Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.


The Why: My circle of real friends and family is my happy place.


The Why: Being grounded, centered, and focused is immensely important for growth.


The Why: Constant and never-ending improvement is essential to optimal well-being.


The Why: Practicing the virtue of temperance will provide you with a peaceful mind.


The Why: Your spiritual approach and gratitude towards money are as significant, if not more, as your investment strategies.

Goal Setting

  • What you really want vs. what sounds good
  • Sprint Goals and Little Victories
  • You don’t need permission to live your best life

Relationship Coaching

  •  Stop the blame game
  • Happiness is an inside game
  • Reality vs. Potential

Stress Management

  • Breathing techniques & Wellness
  • Meditation
  • Journaling

Career Advice

  • Entrepreneurship, or Employee?
  • Interviewing is a 2-way street
  • Never settle

What the hell is this all about and who are you?

What do sports coaches and life coaches have in common? Their students want and need worthy and proven leadership to win in life. Just like therapy (did I lose you yet? Wink. Wink.), it’s not just for those who feel lost, broken, stressed, and uninspired. It’s for those who want to increase their lot in life regardless of where they stand now. From better health to better relationships to making more money, Life Coaching is for those who simply want to be better as it’s defined by you. The best of the best have their own coaches, so why not you?

Who am I? Keep reading below. 😉 

What exactly do you do?

I assume you mean, “What is the purpose of this site?” It’s simple. I want to help people move off center and take that first step in becoming who they believe they are versus what others may say you are. To hell with other people’s opinions. Let’s work on you! I got your back!

What is Life Coaching?

A Life Coach is someone who helps others make better decisions, set and reach goals, and deal with adversity. Life Coaching, to me, is a bit sterile as a moniker. I’ll be your biggest fan and supportive coach, but I’m more of a friend who truly cares about helping you succeed, realize your potential, and provide genuine encouragement and accountability along the way.

Who is coaching for?

Anyone who wants to increase their lot in life with unbiased, non-judgmental, objective, and compassionate leadership by someone who is qualified to lead because they’ve been through hell and back with a smile on their face.

What does this cost?

It depends. You may have my North Star Blueprint free without any future obligations. All I ask for is your contact info in exchange. No, I will not pester you with a million weekly emails and you may unsubscribe at any time. I’m not in the business of trying to sell you a bunch of crap. I’m here to encourage, enlighten, an uplift. That being stated, I’m for hire as an accountability partner. However, slots are very limited. Contact me here to schedule a call.

Why do you care so damn much?

Because I know what it’s like to be beaten down by a bunch of clowns. Not so fine print: I was one of those clowns. Basta! No more! I took my life back and being forthright, the clowns in my life deserve much credit to me augmenting my life. They would probably hate to hear that shit, but it’s true. Gratitude is not just reserved for friends and family. After all, things happen for me and not to me. 😉  

About Me

This is me. Father. Friend. Giver. Artist. Amateur comedian. Go-getter. Well-wisher. North Star Seeker. I never sleep… almost (thank you, coffee).

Welcome! I’m David Betner and professionally I’m an app designer/developer by day and North Star seeker by night. SEO and Martech are my dance partners. Art is my first love and she knows it. She makes my heart sing. However, this site exists for one sole purpose – to help you define your North Star. While there are many contributing factors to saving my life, this is right at the top when it comes to getting focused, being confident, and staying on my path to living with purpose.

A few good people I’ve helped along the way.

“I heard about David through some mutual friends, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear what he had to say. I prejudged and I’m glad I changed my mind about him. He’s not only a close friend now, but an important part of my life. David hitting rock bottom has been his gift and now it’s also mine. Mega successful people may have some great things to offer, but so do those who are resiliently rising from the ashes scarred and marred. Always bet on the “David’s”. They got this.”  ~ Christina, Knoxville, TN

 “Have you ever met someone who just gets it? Have you ever met someone who seemingly allows all of life’s lessons to come rushing in at once and somehow manages to effortlessly utilize those lessons to gain leverage in that moment? I have and it’s David. His uncanny ability to read a room while having empathy, patience, and compassion for others is something to embrace and is quite inspiring. He’s not only a great leader, but I’m happy to now call him a friend.” ~ Michael, Chicago, IL

“You learn a lot about a person, not by how they act when times are great, but how they respond when their back is up against the wall, or especially down and out. Never count David out. Never. I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone who gets stronger with every punch to the gut. If you’re against him, you’re unknowingly *for* him. During good times, or bad, I want this guy in my corner. Period.” ~ Jennifer, Columbus, OH

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Obtaining anything that resembles balance starts with having a hierarchy of values, a foundation of principles, and specific, attainable goals. Goals are important, but without values and principles, they’re “hit and miss”. Just like a leaf floating in the wind, you never know its fate. Your values, married with what I call my 7 Foundational Pillars, will significantly increase your chances in achieving your goals.

However, balance is not THE goal. Mostly because that looks different to everyone. I’ll show you why having a hierarchy of values and a foundation of specific principles will make your goals much more attainable and in a shorter amount of time. I designed this a few years ago out of necessity because I didn’t care for the direction of my life. Something had to change if I were to live the life I always imagined and unabashedly share my authentic self.

I am dedicated to helping you do the same. No matter who you think you are, or how others may define you in this moment, you are a gift and it’s your responsibility to share that with the world.

Godspeed to all of you. Here’s to you taking that next critical step. I’m looking forward to meeting you.